Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can somebody else pickup my order?

A: Somebody else can pickup your rental as long as a VALID drivers license and credit card are provided, please note that payment is required upon pickup of your rental so whoever picks up the rental will need a form of payment. ( Cash not accepted)


Q: Can I extend my rental?

A: Yes you can extend your rental, depending on availability of the items you can extend it for as long as needed, payment for the extension may be charged to the card on file or a time for payment will be discussed.


Q: Can someone else return my order?

A: Anyone can return your rental for you, ensuring the equipment is not damaged missing or dirty is still the responsibility of the lessee and any charges incurred by damage or missing items will be charged to the lessee and not the 3rd party who returns the equipment.


Q: What do I need to bring to pickup my rental?

A: You will need a valid drivers license and valid credit card for security purposes. Please come with enough time for us to give you a walkthrough of your rental and show you all equipment is functional.


Q: Why do you need my drivers license and credit card?

A: For security purposes we retain a copy of Drivers license information and credit card information, We do not place a hold or ……….


Q: Do I need to make a reservation to get equipment?

A: No, although we highly recommend placing a reservation over the phone or on our website you can walk in and browse available equipment and pick out items you want to rent. Placing a reservation is a more guaranteed way to secure the specific items you would like to rent, during busy seasons it is best to book you reservation ahead of time for stress free renting.


Q: If I only need the equipment for one day can I pay less?

A: Fortunately we charge a 1 day rate with the flexibility of keeping the rental up to 5 days. We understand that life can get busy so we hope the flexibility of having the equipment for 5 days while only paying a 1 day rate can relieve some of your stress when renting from us.


Q: Do I need to make a deposit if I rent or reserve equipment?

A: No


Q: How and when do I pay for my rental?

A: Upon picking up your rental we take your information and also process payment, we accept debit or credit card, we do not accept cash as payment upon pickup. We do not currently accept online payment for rentals however when you pickup the rental alternatives can be discussed.


Q: Does the equipment have to be returned cleaned?

A: We expect all equipment to be returned in the same condition it was rented, This includes the removal of cables from all mixers, speakers, lights, etc., the wrapping of all cables, and the cleanliness of the items. We appreciate equipment being returned in an organized and cleanly manner.


Q: What happens if equipment is damaged or missing?

A: You will have up to 48 hrs to return the missing equipment or accessories after that we will need to charge the card on file for the amount of the lost items


Q: Can I reserve my items for specific dates?

A: Yes, based on availability you can reserve equipment for pickup on a specific date. Please refer to our store hours for times to pickup and drop off equipment.


Q: Do you deliver and setup rentals?

A: We do offer delivery services in and around the Calgary area. We also offer delivery with set up services.

Q: Can you run AV for my event?

Q: Where can I leave the rental stored until the return date?

Q: Can I return rentals before or after store hours?

A: Unfortunately not, we only accept pickups and returns during our store hours posted. There is no drop off location to leave equipment so please do not leave it outside our door, you are responsible for the equipment until our workers in the warehouse have signed off on the return.