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The Denon Pro Audio Commander is an all-in-one compact PA system designed to satisfy the needs of customers such as professional DJs, aerobics instructors, presenters or anyone needing a self-contained, self-powered unit without cables. The Audio Commander can operate on its internal rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours per charge) or AC power. Two wireless microphones are included (one handheld and one headset), along with the capability to play audio from Bluetooth devices, USB, and SD media. There are also two XLR/TRS combo jacks to facilitate MIC/LINE inputs. All of these features are packaged in a smartly-designed unit with luggage handle and wheels for easy transport and quick set-up.

  • Self-contained mobile P.A. system
  • Operates on 10 hour internal battery or AC power
  • 2 wireless microphones (1 handheld, 1 headset)
  • Playback from Bluetooth, SD/USB, external mics or portable players
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • 2 additional inputs

**Wireless Microphone Battery life is not guaranteed, spare AA batteries are encouraged**