Terms and Conditions

Starlite Sales & Rentals Ltd. Terms & Conditions


1. All reserved equipment will be set-up and demonstrated by the rentals staff to confirm that each item is in good, working condition. All cables, equipment, and rental items that are demonstrated as working will be loaded directly into the customer’s vehicle. This insures that all equipment signed for is working prior to leaving the store.

2. By signing this contract, the customer accepts that all equipment rented is in good working condition and has been received by the customer.


3. Starlite Sales & Rentals Ltd. offers up to a five-day rental for a one-day rate. This time period refers to a standard Thursday to Tuesday rental only. When other rental return dates are required, the return dates are determined by the pick-up day as listed in the rental period table below.

Rental Pick Up Date Rental Return Date

Tuesday Saturday

Wednesday Saturday

Thursday Tuesday

Friday Tuesday

Saturday Wednesday


4. A non-refundable $50 per day late charge will be applied to the customer provided credit card at the close of business on the agreed upon rental return date as listed on this contract and each late day following the rental return date, to a maximum of $150.

5. At close of business on the fourth day following the rental return date, the full purchase cost of the equipment will be applied to the customer provided credit card.

6. When the equipment is returned, the purchase cost of the equipment will be refunded, excluding any late charges applied.


7. Starlite Sales & Rentals Ltd. is always available for over the phone customer support. For questions or to report any equipment that is not working correctly, it is the customers’ responsibility to call (403) 258-3575 for assistance. It is expected that the customer sets the equipment up early enough for the staff of Starlite to respond and assist.

8. No refunds will be given for any equipment that is reported to not be working if the customer has not called for assistance and notified us of the problem.


9. Although our lighting can be controlled through the use of a DMX controller, we do not guarantee any rental using DMX. This is due to the complex nature of DMX control and the high probability of user error causing the problem. For these reasons, no refunds will be provided for any rental utilizing DMX Control for lighting.

10. The customer assumes all liability for DMX Control.


11. There is no way for Starlite or the customer to guarantee that battery powered equipment was not left turned on during transportation, set-up, or during other times when the equipment was not needed.

12. No refunds will be given for any equipment whose batteries die during an event, and customers are encouraged to charge and/or have replacements for all battery powered fixtures on rent.

13. All battery powered fixtures will be fully charged at rental pick-up.


14. All customers agree to return the rented equipment in the same condition that it was received in. This includes the removal of cables from all mixers, speakers, lights, etc., the wrapping of all cables, and the cleanliness of the items.

15. Any rentals returned in a disorganized fashion, cables not separated and wrapped or still attached to the equipment, or with visible cosmetic damage will be subject to a minimum $20 non-refundable charge, based upon the damage to the equipment.

16. If rented equipment is broken during the customers’ rental, the customer will be charged the full purchase amount of the item.


17. Rentals returned that are dirty will have a $20 cleaning fee applied to the customer provided card.

18. A $20 cable cleaning fee will be applied to the customer provided credit card for cables returned with tape or tape residue on them with the exception of Starlite’s labelling. The rental technician will ensure that any cables provided are free of tape or tape residue.


19. The full value of any equipment or cable which is not returned will be applied to the customer provided credit card at the time of the rental return.

20. Late fees will not be applied to the return of missing equipment.

21. If the item is not returned within three days and the customer has not called to inform the staff that the item is lost, a rental charge for up to a five-day period will be applied to the customer provided credit card. Late fees will then begin to be processed on this item.

22. Once the item is returned, the full purchase value of the equipment will be refunded to the card. Any rental charges or late fees applied as per the above point will not be refunded.


23. All rental stock, B-Stock, and opened equipment is purchased as is and is a final sale item. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be processed for any item purchased that is categorized as rental stock, B-Stock, and opened equipment.

24. All new equipment can be returned for a full refund within a 14-day period so long as the equipment has not been opened and is in the original, undamaged packaging.

25. Starlite Sales & Rentals Ltd. does not provide any warranty of equipment that has been purchased. All purchased rental stock, used, and B-Stock equipment do not come with a warranty through Starlite Sales & Rentals Ltd. or the manufacturer.

26. New equipment may be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the manufacturer to address any warranty claims they might have.

27. Once the equipment has been purchased, Starlite relieves itself of any and all liability for its use, damages, or defects. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the equipment before purchase and identify defects.

28. Items are priced with respect to their item condition. This means that items which are the same may have different prices due to their condition.

Returns and exchanges on consumable products (confetti, streamers, fluids, etc.) are valid for 5 days so long as they have not been opened or tampered with.