GENERATOR - 3300 Watt

Rent from $95.00

Rentals cannot start/end on highlighted days.
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Due to the machinery and materials required in servicing a generator, the cost of $95 is a per day charge over the course of the rental. Saturday till Tue is only a 1 day charge as we are closed on Sundays and Mondays. The generator comes with a full tank/reservoir of gas and has to be returned the same way. Unfilled fuel tank will incur a $40 refill charge.

3300 / 3000 Watt Recoil Start Inverter Portable Generator with Quiet technology. 171cc Engine with a 7 litre fuel tank that provides up to 10 hours of run time. Noise levels between 58dB and 64dB, depending on load. Retractable pull handle and rear wheels make the generator easier to move.

This unit will run our sound system #3, with two large speakers, a subwoofer, mixer and a playing device like a computer and a few LED lights.

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