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Turn your party into a nightclub with some awesome, easy operated lights and effects. The Gigbar 2.0 is one of the most versatile and fun all-in-one dance lights that includes lasers, moving derby lights, strobes and a couple of par lights. The party gets even better with the addition of the Revo 4 dance light with over 250 independent LED lights moving and creating amazing patterns all to the beat of the music. The haze machine will put particles in the air to show off the great light show without reducing visibility like a standard fog machine and to make sure everyone feels the music, this package includes 2 x 1000W speakers and a 700W subwoofer. If you need more, you can always upgrade the speakers and subwoofers in the menu to the right!!

Light package includes:

2 - Gigbar 2.0 Four-In-One dance light

1 - REVO 4 dance light

1 - Mega Flash Strobe light

1 - Water-based haze machine


The sound system includes:

2 - EV ZLX12P Powered Speakers

1 - EV 700W 18" Subwoofer

2 - Ultimate support speaker stands

1 - Sound Mixer

1 - Wired microphone

All cables and connectors required


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